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The semiconductor industry is innovating at an unprecedented pace. WikiChip is committed to publishing quality, update-to-date, insightful, information on the latest semiconductor news that matters – in detail and on a technical level.

WikiChip is an independent news publisher based in New York. In an effort to reduce our reliance on advertisements, to ensure WikiChip endures, we offer our loyal readers the ability to support us financially through the WikiChip Fuse subscription service.

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WikiChip uses a unique strategy we call a decaying paywall subscription model. Certain articles – typically of high interest – will go online behind a paywall. All subscribers get access to those articles right away. Additionally, from time to time we might put up certain subscriber-only content.

Generally, most articles behind a paywall will ‘decay’ after a certain amount of time and will become freely accessible by anyone. The benefit to those who support us financially is the early access to information. This achieves the best of both worlds – keeping knowledge free while giving our supporters first dibs on articles.

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WikiChip offers a single plan:

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