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Arm Makes Headway In HPC, Cloud

Server Processors Nov 13, 2019 0

Arm makes headway in HPC and cloud with Cray's new support for the Fujitsu A64FX and Microsoft deployment of Marvell's ThunderX2 processors. Read more

Intel Announces Keem Bay: 3rd Generation Movidius VPU

Neural Processors Nov 12, 2019 0

Intel announces Keem Bay, its 3rd-generation Movidius VPU edge inference processor. Read more

A Look at Spring Crest: Intel Next-Generation DC Training Neural Processor

Architectures Nov 10, 2019 0

A look at the microarchitecture of Intel Nervana next-generation data center training neural processor,... Read more

Marvell Lays Out ARM Server Roadmap

Roadmaps Nov 9, 2019 0

Marvell outlines its current and future Arm server microprocessor roadmap, aiming at a 2-year... Read more

AMD Announces 3rd Gen Ryzen Threadripper

Desktop Processors Nov 8, 2019 0

AMD announces 3rd-generation Ryzen Threadripper microprocessors with up to 32 cores. Read more
Cavium Takes ARM to Petascale with Astra
A look at the Astra supercomputer, the most powerful ARM-based supercomputer being built for Sandia National Labs.
Fujitsu Completes Post-K ARM CPU Prototype
Fujitsu has completed their Post-K ARM CPU prototype which will power RIKEN's next-generation Post-K Computer.
ORNL’s 200-petaFLOPS Summit Supercomputer Has Arrived, To Become World’s Fastest
A look at the 200-petaFLOPS Summit supercomputer which was officially unveiled last Friday by Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL).

Conference Coverage

Intel Expands 22FFL With Production-Ready RRAM and MRAM on FinFET
Intel expands its 22FFL process with new production-ready MRAM and RRAM technologies.
TSMC Talks 7nm, 5nm, Yield, And Next-Gen 5G And HPC Packaging
An update on TSMC current and forthcoming logic process nodes as well as their next-generation advanced packaging technologies.
Nvidia Inference Research Chip Scales to Dozens of Chiplets
Nvidia recently presented a research chip comprising dozens of chiplets that enables them to scale from milliwatts to hundreds...
IEDM 2018: Intel’s 10nm Standard Cell Library and Power Delivery
Presented at the 64th IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM) in December, here's a look at Intel's 10-nanometer standard...
IEDM 2017 + ISSCC 2018: Intel’s 10nm, switching to cobalt interconnects
At IEDM 2017 and ISSCC 2018 Intel detailed their upcoming 10nm node, an aggressively scaled 7nm-class process technology that...
IEDM 2017: Sony’s 3-layer stacked CMOS image sensor technology
At the 2017 IEDM Sony presented their 3-layer stacked state-of-the-art CMOS image sensor (CIS) technology used to minimize rolling...
ISSCC 2018: The IBM z14 Microprocessor And System Control Design
A look at the changes and enhancements that were implemented by IBM in their z14 mainframe microprocessor and system...
QUEST, A TCI-Based 3D-Stacked SRAM Neural Processor
Attempting to address the memory bandwidth problem, the QUEST neural processor uses 3D-stacked SRAM dies along with ThruChip Interface...
AMD’s Zen CPU Complex, Cache, and SMU
A look at AMD's Zen CPU Complex (CCX), a fully independent and modular cluster of up to four cores...
A Look at Spring Crest: Intel Next-Generation DC Training Neural Processor
A look at the microarchitecture of Intel Nervana next-generation data center training neural processor, codename Spring Crest.
IBM Adds POWER9 AIO, Pushes for an Open Memory-Agnostic Interface
IBM adds a third variant of POWER9, the POWER9 Advanced I/O (AIO) processor which incorporates the Open Memory Interface...
Intel Spring Hill: Morphing Ice Lake SoC Into A Power-Efficient Data Center Inference Accelerator
First detailed at Hot Chips 31, Intel Spring Hill morphs the Ice Lake SoC into a highly power-efficient data...
Inside Tesla’s Neural Processor In The FSD Chip
A deep dive into the custom-designed Tesla neural processing units integrated inside the company's full self-driving (FSD) chip based...
A Look at NEC’s Latest Vector Processor, the SX-Aurora
A look at the NEC SX-Aurora, their latest vector processor - increasing compute while maintaining a high B/F through...
Intel Cascade Lake Brings Hardware Mitigations, AI Acceleration, SCM Support
A look at Cascade Lake, Intel's microarchitecture for next-generation Xeon microprocessors featuring process enhancements, persistent memory support, and AI...