PEZY dominates the new Green500 list

About a week ago we reported about PEZY reaching the number one spot on the Green500 list with their latest 2,048-core PEZY-SC2 many-core processor. Today, has formally announced their latest November 2017 list.

Dominating the list with four out of the top five most power-efficient systems are the newly installed systems in Japan, all based on the ZettaScaler-2.2 architecture featuring the PEZY-SC2 processors.


Green500 Rank Top500 Rank System Cores Rmax Power Efficiency
1 259 Shoubu system B 794,400 842.0 TFLOPS 50 kW 17.009 GFLOPS/W
50x (8x PEZY-SC2 + 1x Xeon D-1571)
2 307 Suiren2 762,624 788.2 TFLOPS 47 kW 16.759 GFLOPS/W
48x (8x PEZY-SC2 + 1x Xeon D-1571)
3 276 Sakura 794,400 824.7 TFLOPS 50 kW 16.657 GFLOPS/W
50x (8x PEZY-SC2 + 2x Xeon E5-2618L v3)
5 4 Gyoukou 19,860,000 19,135.8 TFLOPS 1,350 kW 14.173 GFLOPS/W
1250x (8x PEZY-SC2 + 1x Xeon D-1571)

Gyoukou, which ranks fifth on the Green500, now also ranks as the fourth most powerful supercomputer. The system also currently holds highest core-count record.

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