Qualcomm launches the Centriq 2400 server family

Earlier today Qualcomm officially launched the Centriq family of server microprocessors based on the Falkor microarchitecture, manufactured on Samsung’s 10nm 10LPE process.

Launched SKUs

Qualcomm launched three SKUs of 40, 46, and 48 cores. All models support up to 768 GiB of hexa-channel DDR4-2666 memory with ECC support. Additionally, they all have 32 lanes of PCIe Gen 3 and 8 lanes of SATA Gen 3. As far as ARM features go, all models have NEON, PMUv3, CRC32, Crypto, FP, and RDM extensions.


Part Price Cores/Threads Cache Base Turbo TDP
Centriq 2460 $1,995.00 48 / 48 60.0 MiB 2.2 GHz 2.6 GHz 120 W
Centriq 2452 $1,383.00 46 /46 57.5 MiB 2.2 GHz 2.6 GHz 120 W
Centriq 2434 $888.00 40 / 40 50.0 MiB 2.3 GHz 2.5 GHz 110 W

As far as the physical die is concerned, Falkor chips incorporate slightly over 18 billion transistors on a 398 mm² die. The die is packaged in a 2808-contacts Flip-Chip LGA (FCLGA-2808) measuring 55 mm by 55 mm with a 1 mm contact pitch.

It’s worth pointing out that Anand Chandrasekher, senior vice president and chief marketing officer of Qualcomm, has stated that there will only be three Falkor SKUs. While we do not know the reason for this rather unusual decision, surely it must be a good one, because one would expect them to further down-bin their chips and sell low-core SKUs such as 32-core and 16-core parts at even more competitive price points. The company noted that Falkor’s successor, Saphira, is already in the works and those might possibly have more SKUs.

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