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Intel Expands 22FFL With Production-Ready RRAM and MRAM on FinFET

Intel expands its 22FFL process with new production-ready MRAM and RRAM technologies.

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A Look at Intel’s 10nm Std Cell as TechInsights Reports on the i3-8121U, finds Ruthenium

WikiChip takes another look at Intel’s 10-nanometer standard cell design and discusses TechInsights findings of the first 10nm-based chip, the i3-8121U.

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IEDM 2017: Intel details 22FFL, a relaxed 14nm process for foundry customers, targets mobile and RF apps

At the 2017 IEDM Intel detailed their 22FFL process, a relaxed 14nm process for Intel’s custom foundry customers. 22FFL was optimized for mobile, IoT, and RF applications offering a cost competitive process with excellent performance and simple design rules.

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