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Intel Refreshes 2nd Gen Xeon Scalable, Slashes Prices

Intel refreshes its second-generation Xeon Scalable lineup mid-cycle with new mainstream dual-socket CPUs, improving the performance-per-dollar by as much as 2x over original SKUs.

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Intel Rolls Out Next-Gen Data Center Portfolio; 100 Gigabit Ethernet, Optane DC, Hewitt Lake, and Cascade Lake With Up to 56 Cores

Intel is launching their next-generation data center infrastructure product portfolio including Cascade Lake with up to 56 cores, new lower-power Hewitt Lake processors, Optane DC SSD and persistent memory DIMMs, as well as 100 Gb Ethernet.

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Eni fires up its supercomputer, breaks into the TOP500’s top ten

Eni breaks into the TOP500 with the only private supercomputer to get into the top 10. Utilizing Intel’s latest Skylake-SP processors and packing close to 20 petaFLOPS of computing power, Eni is trying to revolutionize the way exploration & production research is conducted.

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