WikiChip Fuse Moves to a Decaying Paywall Model

Effective today, WikiChip Fuse will be moving to a new ‘decaying paywall’ model. The move is designed to reduce our reliance on advertisement and allow patrons of our WikiChip Fuse news section as well as our main WikiChip website to support us financially.

Since we believe strongly in the freedom of information, WikiChip is utilizing a unique “decaying paywall” model which we believe will benefit everyone who uses our website. Under the new model, all previously published articles and various news announcements will remain free. Unique technical and various deep dives articles will initially be published behind a paywall. Subscribers will have access to those articles as they are published. The paywall per article eventually ‘decays’ and goes away at which point everyone will be able to access it for free. This model gives patrons of WikiChip who are able to financially support us to gain exclusive first-dibs at reading some of our content while allowing everyone else to gain access a little after.

The main WikiChip website will remain unchanged.

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