Core i7-8086K Overclockability Silicon Lottery Stats

Silicon Lottery, a company that sells delidded and binned chips with warranty, has published additional statistics on Coffee Lake. Specifically, the company has published new information on Intel’s limited-edition Core i7-8086K that were launched last week.

Unlike the 8700K that were binned into five categories from 4.9 GHz to 5.3 GHz, the 8086K can all reach at least 5 GHz.


8700K / 8086K Overclockability
Core i7-8700K
(As of 6/08/18)
Core i7-8086K
(As of 6/17/18)
Frequency % of chips AVX Offset Vcore % of chips AVX Offset Vcore
4.9 GHz Top 99% -2 1.385V
5.0 GHz Top 86% -2 1.400V 100% -2 1.400V
5.1 GHz Top 50% -2 1.410V Top 92% -2 1.410V
5.2 GHz Top 17% -2 1.425V Top 60% -2 1.425V
5.3 GHz Top 14% -2 1.435V

At top 14% reaching 5.3 GHz or higher, this is double what Silicon Lottery reported with the 8700K last year, confirming that those are, in fact, the highest-binned silicon.

8700Ks Got Better

There have been speculations that Intel is taking out the best binned 8700K to sell as 8086Ks, leaving only inferior silicon to sell as 8700Ks. Silicon lottery numbers for the 8700Ks show that this is not the case. In fact, the 8700K binning has improved since December last year.

8700K Overclockability
  11/11/2017 12/01/2017 6/08/2018
Clock AVX % Vcore % Vcore % Vcore
4.9 GHz -2 100% 1.387V Top 99% 1.387V Top 99% 1.385V
5.0 GHz -2 Top 81% 1.400V Top 72% 1.400V Top 86% 1.400V
5.1 GHz -2 Top 58% 1.412V Top 43% 1.412V Top 50% 1.410V
5.2 GHz -2 Top 30% 1.425V Top 16% 1.425V Top 17% 1.425V
5.3 GHz -2 Top 6% 1.437V Top 3% 1.437V  

The high percentages from November last year can likely be attributed to Intel taking extra caution due to higher variations in early silicon which can also help explain the low availability of initial Coffee Lake SKUs from November.

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