A Look At The ET-SoC-1, Esperanto’s Massively Multi-Core RISC-V Approach To AI

Ask ten different engineers how they would design an AI accelerator and you'll get ten different ways to arrange the billions of transistors on a modern leading-edge chip. With someone such as Dave Ditzel leading the project with his rich history of CPU design, it's no wonder that Esperanto Technologies' twist on machine learning chip design will somehow involve CPUs. And if one custom CPU isn't enough, how about two designs? And with a budget of nearly 24 billion transistors, Esperanto managed to pack nearly 1,100 of them on their first AI accelerator - the ET-SoC-1.

The ET-SoC-1 - which stands for the "Esperanto Technologies Supercomputer-on-Chip 1" - targets the hyperscaler datacenter market and is the first product from a family of new AI accelerators by Esperanto.

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