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QUEST, A TCI-Based 3D-Stacked SRAM Neural Processor

Attempting to address the memory bandwidth problem, the QUEST neural processor uses 3D-stacked SRAM dies along with ThruChip Interface wireless communication technology to deliver sufficiently high bandwidth to sustain peak processing performance.

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Japan cancels contract, kicks out 4th fastest supercomputer amid fraud charges

The future of Japan’s innovative trio of startups – PEZY Computing, ExaScaler, and UltraMemory – is now at risk following the termination of their supercomputer, the world’s fourth-fastest supercomputer amid fraud charges.

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The 2,048-core PEZY-SC2 sets a Green500 record

PEZY-SC2 is PEZY’s newest 16nm a many-core processor featuring 2,048 cores that is powering the world’s most power-efficient supercomputer. The chip is the first to use a unique 3D packaging interconnect technology known as TCI in order to achieve a memory bandwidth of over 2 TB/s.

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