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DARPA ERI: HIVE and Intel PUMA Graph Processor

An update on the DAPRA HIVE program and the first disclosure of Intel’s Graph Analytics (GA) processor that is currently under development

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DARPA ERI: How Ayar Labs Collaboration With GF Produces A Photonics Chiplet That Can Supercharge Intel FPGAs

From a DARPA vision and a $15 million seed to a commercialized CMOS silicon photonics product: how Ayar Labs collaboration with GF produces a photonics chiplet that can supercharge Intel FPGAs.

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Intel Labs Builds A Neuromorphic System With 64 To 768 Loihi Chips: 8 Million To 100 Million Neurons

Intel announced Pohoiki Beach and Pohoiki Springs, two new research neuromorphic systems capable of scaling from 64 to 768 Loihi chips with 8 million to 100 million neurons per system.

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