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Hot Chips 30: Intel Kaby Lake G

A look at Intel’s current generation of Thin & Light processors with high-performance graphics, formerly known as Kaby Lake G, from Hot Chips 30.

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A look at Nvidia’s NVLink interconnect and the NVSwitch

A look at Nvidia’s NVLink interconnect and the 2-billion transistor NVSwitch that is powering Nvidia’s latest DGX-2 deep learning machine.

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Intel launches 8th Gen Core with Radeon RX Vega Graphics

At CES 2018 Intel announced the first series of the much anticipated Core i5 and i7 chips with Radeon graphics. Those parts incorporate a Kaby Lake microprocessor, a Vega M GPU, and 4 GiB of HBM2 cache.

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Intel to leverage EMIBs to create mobile processors with discrete AMD graphics

Intel has announced they will be introducing an 8th generation processor featuring a discrete AMD Radeon GPU along with HBM2. Using Intel’s new EMIB packaging interconnect technology, the single-chip solution provides higher performance while delivering a smaller form factor than comparable solutions.

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